A Spine of Compassionate Creativity

Compassionate Creativity is an umbrella that encompasses healing and the arts. A means of finding better practices around taking care of one another.

There is no doubt about it. We live in a headline culture. One that is disconnected from the value and necessity of the full story. The full experience.

Facebook statuses, 144 character limits, weather channel warnings.

“Birthday Roll Surprise” photographed by my mom, Dawn Quinn who sees hearts everywhere.

I open my Yahoo mail account and I’m caught by five headlines. I catch myself later that day trying to tell the story of the girl who was hit by a plane on the beach in Florida or the whales that are getting too close to part of the Californian coast, but then I realize, that is all I know. The idea. The nugget. Without the details, the juice, or any connection to the person telling the story or more importantly, those who actually saw it happen. Experienced it happening. How were they? Were they okay now? How would they tell it? I, most likely, would never know.

Everyday, we are encouraged to forget one another. To disengage. From easy pass to robotic phone operators, people are being replaced left and right. Automatic doors. GPS systems. When was the last time someone stopped to ask you for directions? The reasons that we used to connect, even briefly with a stranger are being taken away. Discouraged. As if to say, we don’t need each other. I don’t need you. It’s easier to go through the day as a horses with blinders on. With earphones and a small screen next to other small screens on the subway.

Now please know that I am not a cynic. Really. I wholeheartedly believe in the good of every person. The hand that would reach out if I needed it from most every person. And most importantly, I believe, that when pushed to survive, to remember that this is all temporary and our end point unknown, we find one another. We tell each other stories. We listen. We include. We make stuff. We engage in compassionate creativity. It’s written in our bones.

Please join me for 111 days of practicing Compassionate Creativity starting September 11th, 2014 with 111 people from around the world.

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  • Hi Kali we Had a encounter to day in Carpinteria Ca at the seal rookery. I am so enjoying rereading about you and your dream. I so enjoed your get up and go. I admire your adventurous spirit. I enjoyed spending time with Max. I wish you well on your trip and prove that we are still very much a compassionate and creative being. It is Pleasure to have had the opportunity to spend time with you, on your adventure. Thank you. I hope you make it up to Ojai. You my friend are a very compassionate and creative person.

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