Compassionate Creativity Manifesto

Compassionate Creativity Manifesto

Rise and shine!

A new work begins
Sits waiting for you at the dawn of task-filled days
What is your practice?

I remind myself as I remind you
These times are not meant to be easy
Change and resistance always want to be friends
Distractions perpetuate other momentum
And nothing might feel like enough

I encourage us not to make do but to let be.
Not inhaling pent up and staying at home there
But rather exhaling and stepping outdoors
Standing at the ocean
Arms open
Significant AND insignificant
This is who I am.
This is all I have for you.

Grief becomes Love
Digging into the earth
Held down by the sky
Wilting, heavy
Lose hope
Eat fear
Drown into the core of devastation, loss, sorrow
Befriend all ends
Covered in dirt

The moon begs us to emerge, resilient
Relinquish your craft.
Your life’s work is you.
You have everything you need.
This is your practice.

With the gut of a dog
Intuition of an elder
Innocence of a child

Gather community as diverse as the stars
Welcome them
Tell them what you’ve seen
Where you’ve been
What you need
Humbly perform your eternal questions
Without any need for answers
Metaphor a guide
A gift

Include their stories and infinitely repeat
Gratitude as the sixth sense
Humor as the seventh

Look and see each other:

Create a culture that values playing together like this…

Celebrating the beauty and mystery of it all
Remembering the dreams of the world
Written upon our bones

Perform your own contagious Acts of Compassionate Creativity everywhere you go…

Remember that you are never alone if you don’t want to be.
There are too many people in the world.

Everyone is an artist. *
Everyone is an actor/activist.
Everyone is a teacher.
Everyone an expert.

Start here.
Start now…


* See other art often and want to love it.

Listen now: