For Recent College Grads

For Recent College Grads

“My conversations with Kali reliably energize me to go through my week with a greater sense of hope, positivity, play and connection. I’ve been inspired to commit to my own creative work, also to approach my life with lightheartedness and joy. I’m smiling just thinking about it!”

– Jake Sapon, Brown University Graduate in Philosophy & Religious Studies now living in Farmington, New Mexico



Are you in your twenties & recently entering into the “real world” for the first time?

Are you wanting to make a difference?

Are you figuring out how to create work, relationships, & daily practices that are fulfilling?

Are you wondering what & how your peers are doing during this time?

Compassionate Creativity 20×20 Mentorship…

Is a Specialized Mentorship Program for Recent Graduates Like You!



“I have worked with Kali as an artist, teacher and collaborator. But it is her true caring and compassion as a human being that makes her such an exhilarating teacher and a true inspiration to anyone who is able to study with her.”

By being a professor, theater maker, and community/arts advocate for a number of years – traveling and teaching courses in creativity and play throughout the US and abroad – Kali realized how much her true passion was to support people in creating a compassionate and creative life post-graduation. In 2016, she wrote a book and created an online mentorship program that inspires and supports people like you. Learn more about Kali.

It goes like a little something like this…


**MONTHLY ONE-ON-ONE SESSIONS: First one available now through October 1st!

“Talking to Kāli provided me a space where I could bounce my ideas around and get the perspective of someone outside of my family or close friends. Encouraging doesn’t feel like an adequate enough word to describe these conversations because the space was a shared one where we pushed each other and grew together. Kāli challenged me to develop my ideas about what I want out of life further and to think about how my seemingly disparate threads of interests are integral parts of me all working together to create the specific set of contributions that I am able to bring to the world.”

Talking to Kali for an hour each month is the heart of this program. This individual time with you via Skype or in person is an invaluable conversation. Through her processes of Compassionate Creativity, Kali supports you to:

  • Articulate what’s important to you & help you shape your vision from there
  • Brainstorm fun organizational strategies & timelines for your goals
  • Make challenging decisions by using your head, heart, and gut
  • Integrate love, work, and play for a healthy, balanced lifestyle
  • Prioritize your own self-care while caring for the world
  • Construct your resume/communication with the world to reflect who you are & what you have to give

Kali follows up with these sessions by connecting you to people, places, organizations, opportunities, & resources that might be helpful to you, and is available via email during the rest of the month.


Start your weeks off with some Compassionate Creativity guidance along with some inspirational questions to serve as guideposts in your week. This fall the emails will focus on integrating love, work, and play – for self, other, and your community/world!

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**MONTHLY COMMUNITY CALLS: The first Sunday of every month from 9-10pm EST!

“I felt so affirmed in my interests and thoughts and creative practices and so inspired to dig further… I entered the conversation feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I always left feeling positive and energized.”

Get ready to learn more about creating a Compassionate & Creative lifestyle. In this call you have the opportunity to reflect on your learning from the weekly emails and ask questions of and share with your peers! If you can’t attend, the call will be recorded and sent to you by email!


**THE BOOK: I am Compassionate Creativity

“The values & stories have such wisdom and present such a clear and delicious perspective on the world, like fresh water. That it’s a memoir and also a way of seeing.”

Kali sends you an electronic copy of her book as a reference point. It includes 111 values/lessons/stories and questions that she can point you to for further guidance.


The program tuition works in a sliding scale of $45-75/MONTH due after each individual mentorship session via PayPal.

If you have questions or if the tuition is too much for you right now, please contact Kali to work out another exchange: And remember, if this full program feels like too much for you right now, Kali is always available for individual sessions any time – on a weekly, monthly, or one-time basis as is best for you!

*** THERE IS LIMITED ENROLLMENT: SIGN-UP ASAP by scheduling your first, complimentary session with Kali…