Praise for Kali’s Contributions



  • “There’s no telling where this effervescent artist will alight next.” ~
  • “I have worked with Kali as an artist, teacher and collaborator. But it is her true caring and compassion as a human being that makes her such an exhilarating teacher and a true inspiration to anyone who is able to study with her.”~ Daniel Stein, Head of Movement Brown University/Trinity Rep
  • “A gracefully facilitated, physically demanding and spiritually empowering experience… A reaffirmation that creativity is both an art form and a way of life.” ~ Kaia Jackson, Hampshire College Graduate
  • “We couldn’t ask for better company in verbal and physical wit than Quinn… wonderfully versatile.”  ~ Backstage
  • “Each performance by Kali Quinn generates a powerful magnetic field. One is overwhelmed with sheer awe at the range of her creativity, then captivated by the personalities and stories of her characters. Combining the joy and playfulness of a child with the wisdom of an ancient, Kali opens every heart in the room to a new level of compassion and understanding.” ~ Camilla Rockwell, Founder & Co-Director, Full Circle Festival 2014
  • “In perfectly syncopated staging, the gifted performer cavorts like a commedia player at a street festival.” ~ Los Angeles Times
  • “I believe that Kali will have a large, important and memorable impact on theatre in her lifetime.  She brings great value and credit to everyone lucky enough to work with her.” ~ Stephen Stearns, Founder of New England Youth Theater
  • “Watching the magic of Kali’s performance gave the audience the courage and motivation to ask questions about care-giving and speak of concerns around dementia that have probably been on their hearts for a long time.” ~ Miriam Callahan, Dept of Senior Services in Buffalo, NY
  • “Our attention is riveted on Kali Quinn’s virtuosic performance…  a unique range of voice and movement… extraordinary skill and imagination… deeply affecting.” ~ Michael Miller, Editor Berkshire Review for the Arts (MA)
  • “Her physicality is both astonishing and absolutely truthful — a rare accomplishment.” ~ Cal Pritner, Founding Artistic Director, Illinois Shakespeare Festival
  • “…a splendid vehicle for the solo actor who moves through many roles in the course of this performance piece, seeming to join the being and body of three generations of woman in fascinating, always changing ways.” ~ Kenneth Gross, critic and dramaturge, author of Shakespeare’s Noise
  • “Kali Quinn is a talented, immensely watchable, and vibrant performer and an incredible teacher.” ~ Nigel Maister, Director, University of Rochester Int’l Theatre Program

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