Solo Performances

Solo Performances

Through violin songs, slide projector montages, the transformation of familiar objects, along with her ability to play young and old, angry and kind, Kali’s solo performances offer you an opportunity to raise awareness, fundraise, or gather community voices, organizations, and resources. Each performance acts as a springboard for practicing empathy and creating dialogue around intergenerational issues. After witnessing the performance, Kali facilitates a 30-60 minute conversation that gives communities the opportunity to connect and share personal experiences, and dream up compassionate and creative ways to better take care of ourselves and one another.

Kali Quinn generates a powerful magnetic field. One is overwhelmed with sheer awe at the range of her creativity, then captivated by the personalities and stories of her characters. Combining the joy and playfulness of a child with the wisdom of an ancient, Kali opens every heart in the room to a new level of compassion and understanding.”  – Camilla Rockwell, Founder & Co-Director, Full Circle Festival 2014

Kali’s shows follow three generations of women in Buffalo, NY from an infant home in the 1950’s to a present day nursing home. Each show runs approximately one hour and can be performed completely on it’s own, in two acts, or in repertory along with local workshops.

Overture to a Thursday Morning


Overture to a Thursday Morning and Vamping open up conversation about these complex issues:

  • What do you know about the events that led up to your birth?
  • How have long kept secrets affected your family?
  • How do you take care of your parents?
  • How does your family communicate?

Facilitated discussions that follow could include a panel discussion and engage directly with geriatric practitioners, medical students, youth groups, or family members dealing with Alzheimer’s disease or loss.


[Performances require 1-4 hours of set-up, some lighting and a 20’ x 20’ space, preferably with raked seating. Kali runs all her own sound from the stage.]


Audiences and critics have described Kali’s performance as inspiring, beautiful, stunning, funny, moving and magical:

 Watching the magic of Vamping gave the audience the courage and motivation to ask questions about care-giving and speak of concerns around dementia that have probably been on their hearts for a long time.” ~ Miriam Callahan, Dept of Senior Services in Buffalo, NY

Our attention is riveted on Kali Quinn’s virtuosic performance…  a unique range of voice and movement… extraordinary skill and imagination… deeply affecting.” ~ Michael Miller, Editor Berkshire Review for the Arts

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