Max the Healer

Max the Healer

Max is a seven-year-old (according to human interpreted time) and probably part collie-shepherd-chow. Since our paths cross four years ago, Max and I have traveled across the country together four times and he has come to numerous events, rehearsals and classes with me. I always say I wasn’t ready for a dog, but I was ready for Max. You can listen to the story of how we met through Chapter 107 in my book.

I consider him my teaching assistant and really the one teaching everyone about unconditional love, compassion, and silence.

Max and I completed training with the National Alliance of Therapy Dogs in 2017 and we have volunteered at Eldercare facilities, schools, and public events throughout New England ever since.

Max gets along well with other dogs and enjoys sitting quietly for long periods as part of a discussion circle or performance. He especially loves spending time with college-age students, elders, and listening to people make music or sing.

*Max’s references are available upon request.


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