For Performer/Creators

For Performer/Creators

“Kali has helped me tremendously with my play. She was an excellent sounding board and asked questions that were so insightful. The divergent path we took allowed me to get past the blocks I had. Then I was able to incorporate my new material with my existing script in a beautiful weave of two worlds meeting and becoming one. She was incredibly supportive of my process and the story I was trying to tell. I never felt like I was being critiqued or steered in any particular way, but her probing curiosity helped me uncover the important underlying themes I was really trying to express. Her encouragement, understanding and support were indispensable. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” – Katie Kaufmann, Theater Artist & Mom in Minneapolis

Whether creating a solo show, a circus act, or writing a play, creating a role or designing a musical performance for tour, Kali can support your process through Compassionate Creativity mentorship either short or long-term. From brainstorming to performance, artistics to logistics, Kali is always ready to come in fresh, tell you what excites her about your piece, coach character physicality and storyline, and support your best process.

Kali has a background in performing, directing, teaching, and creating physical theater, and in her work with you, she draws from her own solo work and movement design experience. She has worked with performers and artists around the globe, including MOTH Poetic Circus, Paper Doll Militia, New England Center for Circus Arts, The McCarter Theater, Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA Programs, DoubleEdge Theater, Portland Stage, Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble, Padua Playwrights, HERE Arts Center, The Tank, United Solo Festival, Bloomsburg Theater Ensemble, The Pearl Theater Company, Dell’Arte International, and Duke University, and specializes in coaching circus artists and creating solo performances. 

Kali’s mentorship includes sessions via Skype or in-person, along with follow-up emails, exercises, and assignments. Kali’s mentorship includes an e-version of book, I Am Compassionate Creativity, along with several other individualized resource materials.

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NOTE: Kali is located in Providence, Rhode Island and happy to host in-person sessions or residencies in Rhode Island.