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Kali is generally brought in when someone wants to do something, but is scared to do it alone or doesn’t quite know how to go about it. Kali can help you go about these kinds of times by connecting with your own Compassionate Creativity:

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  • Moving from School into the Real world
  • Turning an idea into a reality
  • Transforming a difficult time or issue into a creative project
  • Creating an artistic project: circus to writing to theater and more…

As a Compassionate Creativity Coach Kali’s mission is always to listen to what is being perceived as needed and create interactive exercises that enable articulation, connection, sharing, growth, and enthusiasm about how to best move forward as an individual or group. She has done this work with individuals or groups at businesses, conferences, and schools throughout the United States and in Italy, Brazil, Guatemala, and El Salvador.

“A gracefully facilitated, physically demanding and spiritually empowering experience… A reaffirmation that creativity is both an art form and a way of life.” ~ Kaia Jackson, Hampshire College Graduate

Kali is enthusiastically ready to facilitate workshops or conversations for you, your organization, or classroom or give a lecture or keynote speech.

Whether it be with someone one-on-one or with a group of 100, for an hour, for five weeks or a year, on-line or in-person, the following kinds of workshops or combinations of them are available. What excites you most:

  • RE-EMPOWERING PERSONAL CREATIVITY: Everyone has a creative muscle but sometimes it’s gotten out of shape or taken the back seat for a while. This playful workshop allows participants to remember the rejuvenating sensation of creativity through simple physical, musical, or story-based games and writing.
  • INTER-GENERATIONAL STORYTELLING:We need one another to see ourselves as hero’s of our own story. This sharing allows for memories to be reframed in a valuable way, learning and empathy to take shape, and to empower both the storyteller and listener.
  • ACTING FROM THE HEAD, HEART & GUT: Learning to relate from these three different centers helps to express more clearly with defined intentions and needs. This workshop encourages participants to have more awareness and choice around the differences between thinking, feeling, and doing, what story their body is telling others and how they balance of work, play, and love in their own lives.
  • PHYSICAL & MUSICAL PLAY: When we have the time and space to make stuff up without major consequences of right and wrong or fear of failure, we discover ways of being and communicating that feel natural and unique to our own points of view. This workshops enables participants to remember these childhood tools and learn how to apply them within their adult life, especially in moments where improvisation is essential.
  • LIKE A CLOWN: Throughout history, ever culture has a kind of fool or trickster – one who’s responsibility it is to make other laugh and encourage celebration of the complexities of life. This workshop looks at how we can reach out in our most vulnerable moments, turn mistakes into opportunities, and ultimately find joy and play amidst destruction and loss.
  • MASK, MOVEMENT, & MAYHEM: Throughout time, masks have been used as a buffer that allows us liberate our expression to the outside world. This workshop invites participants to expand their physical, vocal, and creative range beyond what they ever thought was possible and to delight in being seen differently or thinking from another point of view.

Remember, it is always possible for Kali to create a more specific workshop or on-going series for you or group that is directly tailored to your needs or motives. And there is always the potential to create a publically shared art installation or performance at the conclusion of these workshops.

 “Working with Kali opened up doors in my ability to use my body as a tool for daring expression. The physical theater classes I attended with Kali expanded my theatrical range, and she helped me with new approach and perspective when applying these skills to my work.. Her style of instruction is thought-provoking and challenging, while she maintains the utmost respect and compassion for the artist and their process.” Rain Anya, Interdisciplinary Performer

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