Creating for Solo Performance

Creating for Solo Performance

Sure, it’s wonderful to be an actor who auditions for scripted work and plays the role you are given, but what do you want to make and say and how do you do it?

So what are your loves, hates, hopes, fears? What do you find funny? What are you great at? What stories are you itching share? What’s challenging you so much that you need to make a something that gets others talking about it?

Don’t wait. Create!

Let Kali help you to discover your best process and empower you to make your own solo work that you own and can share at any time with any one.

In addition performing her own  solo work, Kali facilitates a unique process for others to create solo work. Through original exercises in brainstorming, creative writing, and physical play, Kali’s process gives participants the opportunity to engage with their ideas up on their feet and collage together their own individual way of sharing with an audience.

Students leave feeling energized and articulate, equipped with specific tools needed to continue their own life-long process as creators of their own work.


Working with Kali expanded my theatrical range, and she helped me with new approach and perspective. Her style of instruction is thought-provoking and challenging, while maintaining the utmost respect and compassion for the artist and their process.”  Rain Anya, Interdisciplinary Performer

Why Solo Work?

There is nothing like having to get up in front of an audience and share your story.  There is nothing quite like witnessing one person share their story and play several different characters and switch perspectives right before your eyes. Each solo performance is like stepping into each person’s unique world and experience and gifts. Empowering for both the performer and those who see it unfold.

Kali has recently mentored solo performers at Brown University, New England Center for Circus Arts, DoubleEdge Theatre, and Grupo Galpao’s Cine Horto in Brazil. Student material has included scripted theatre, visual art, film/projections, circus arts, clown, and music (including rap, loop pedal, and musical theatre) and several of these completed pieces have gone on to perform at festivals, schools, and other venues around the country.

Recent hour-long shows have ranged in story and form. From an autobiographical to metaphorical journy:

  • a girl who takes a bike ride  into her body to stop the fight between her brain and heart
  • an alien who raps about evolutionary anthropology
  • a collision of bluegrass fiddle with epic Greek tragedy
  • a teenage boy to relates to his life through his own drag persona online
  • a college student from Singapore who finds her own voice after sexual harrassment

All pieces were well-received by audiences of families, friends, classmates, and strangers alike. All are genuine, honest, and always full of heart and inspiration.

How does it work?

Kali’s workshops can happen either within a group setting or one-on-one and for people of all ages and experiences and they all include excerpts of Kali’s solo performances:

  • Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 1.24.31 PMIntro to Solo Performance Workshop: 2-3 hours and students leave with a 5 minute push-off piece and methods of putting it together further.
  • Solo Intensive: Six 2-3 hour sessions (spread over 1 week or 6 weeks) where students leave with a half-hour of material to continue to work with
  • Semester-Long Course: 8 hour-long, fully produced solo shows culminating in a mini-festival
  • One-On-One Over Time: Design your own sessions and timeline – even possible via Skype!

Individual Skype Coaching sessions before or after meeting in person are also available, including presenting and touring advice and connections.

Contact Kali now for more information about booking your session.