Visiting the Home/Center for Compassionate Creativity

Compassionate Creativity is a way for us all to imagine better ways to take care of ourselves and our communities, the backbone being 111 values written by Kali.

There is a wonderfully active COMPASSIONATE CREATIVITY ONLINE LEARNING CENTER facilitated by Kali and her colleague Jeff Matteis which includes programs and courses so that you can practice the values of Compassionate Creativity anytime from anywhere in the world.

There is also MELIORA: CENTER FOR COMPASSIONATE CREATIVITY which is located in Providence, RI:

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Visit/Host: Compassionate Creativity Series

  • Events include film screenings, workshops, play readings, story circles, and backyard barbecues
  • If you need a gathering space for your upcoming event, contact Kali now.

STAY: Creative Residency Space

  • Anyone is welcome to use the guest bedroom as a retreat space.
  • Available for one night or up to a full month by suggestion donation: $20/night, $100/week, or $300/month.
  • While in residence you could barter by offering a community workshop or event or volunteering locally.
  • While in residency you have access to creative coaching, creative series, observing Kali’s classes, and Providence area resources/events.
  • Book artist retreat space through Kali directly.

Past creative residents include:


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