Community-Based Art Installations

Kali creates experiences for audiences to interact based on a theme or common issue by participating in an art installation and seeing others responses. These installations have been used alongside theatre festivals, at conferences, and as part of lecture series. These three installations, originally commissioned by the Ko Festival of Performance. Kali is currently in process for creating a new installation at the Ko Festival based on this year’s festival theme: “Tactics for Trying Times” that you can visit in Amherst, Massachusetts this July. See photos below and learn more about the creation process for Kali’s installations here.

Birth Stories

shares audio and type-written stories about what people remember about the day they were born. Participants can add their stories in the envelopes for others to read. This installation has encouraged people to ask about or learn about the story of their birth and recognize the moment that they came into this world. This installation requires and 8’ x 3’ space indoors.

Facing Our Age

is a large circular greenhouse of community responses to the question: “What do you associate with being the age you are now?” Participants can add their response on their own cupcake tin and hang it within their decade of age (0-100). They also receive a paper cupcake pin displaying the age they wish to be tonight. This installation has created an atmosphere where people begin to see one another as different ages and engage across age assumptions. This installation can be outdoors or indoors and needs a 15’ x 15’ space.

 Finding Courage 

gives an audience the chance to write on a rock something they they would like to have courage for or give courage to someone else for. They then place this rock into a basket that is attached to a loose yellow rope that goes through a pulley and up to a high point. Once the basket starts to fill, the basket makes it’s way to the ground, allowing the yellow rope to raise high up. Several tin foil sculptures of little on-lookers focus on the line raising, some attached directly to it and soaring to great heights.

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now about bringing one of these installations to your community or designing one especially for you.

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