111 Values for Cultivating Compassionate Creativity

  1. You are never alone if you don’t want to be. There are too many people in the world.
  2. Be a tourist in your own neighborhood.
  3. Look to be surprised.
  4. Look to the far off horizon even when it may seem foggy.
  5. Show up.
  6. Ask “What if?” and “Why not?”
  7. Listen with your head, heart, & gut.
  8. Practice what you preach.
  9. Find your own balance of city & country. Social & solitude.
  10. See other art often & want to love it.
  11. Ask elders what it was like for them and listen for as long as they will share.
  12. You areenough.
  13. Ask for what you need.
  14. Invest in & cultivate relationships. In love, friendship, and work.
  15. When you don’t know what to do, listen for a while and see what keeps showing up.
  16. Grieve when you need to.
  17. Seek out your best process.
  18. Know the difference between being curious & being skeptical.
  19. Remember that an opinion is flippant. A point of view evolves over a long time.
  20. Talk to strangers.
  21. Know that you have the power to change the atmosphere of a room, a community, the world.
  22. Remain playful.
  23. Surround yourself with people who feed you.
  24. Barter.
  25. If emotional, do research. Seek out the clear, hard facts.
  26. Turn anger into action.
  27. Leave room for spontaneous adventures.
  28. Leave everywhere & everyone better than you found them.
  29. Tip extra when you can. We’ve all been waiters.
  30. Remember what else you enjoy doing, outside of your craft/work.
  31. Bask in divergent thinking.
  32. Allow the picture in your head to be flexible, bendable, impressionable.
  33. Take breaks. Some long.
  34. Embark anew everyday with experience in tow as needed.
  35. Be affected.
  36. Find love in resistance.
  37. Always remind yourself why you started in the first place.
  38. Make deadlines & learn how to keep them.
  39. Let people know how beautiful they are.
  40. Apologize just as much as you forgive.
  41. Notice remarkable mundanities everyday.
  42. What if everyone’s face, including yours, was stuck in a smile today?
  43. Search for & return to your eternal questions.
  44. Use your creativity as a vehicle to constantly learn about more about other things.
  45. Reflect. Absorb. Rest.
  46. Share Compassionate Creativity
  47. Remember that you teach people how to treat you.
  48. Zoom in & out considering all contexts from yours to the universe & back.
  49. What if everyone was a hummingbird today and could flit in and out of anywhere?
  50. Be on time.
  51. Play dress up often, celebrating the possibility of being someone else.
  52. Relish technology free time
  53. Celebrate Compassionate Creativity.
  54. Thank everyone profusely.
  55. Seek out people who are different than you. Invite them into your home & art.
  56. What if everyone had the same amount of money always, no matter what?
  57. Integrate love, work, & play throughout life and encourage others to do so.
  58. Know what is happening in the world & be an active participant.
  59. Go on silent walks.
  60. Promote intergenerational Compassionate Creativity!
  61. You must continue to choose to create. No one is going to make you do it.
  62. Remember that everything is an interpretation.
  63. What if you could have a potlatch (potluck) tonight with anyone in the world?
  64. Nothing is an interruption but rather part of what is happening.
  65. Remember that everyone’s weekend is not yours.
  66. Take naps.
  67. Redefine Compassionate Creativity.
  68. Know that you are standing on shoulders of giants who came before you.
  69. Ask open-ended questions that allow someone to access their own story.
  70. What if all borders were invisible today?
  71. Give random people random gifts.
  72. Move forward, onward.
  73. Know things that calm you and find out what calms those closest to you.
  74. Spontaneously engage with Compassionate Creativity.
  75. Dream out loud.
  76. Find someone to love, something to do, & something to hope for.
  77. What if everyone created their own value system to interact with the world by?
  78. Remember where you came from: Land and People.
  79. Befriend your fears.
  80. Discover the quiet of your mind.
  81. Globalize Compassionate Creativity.
  82. Take stock in the responsibility of what it means to welcome someone.
  83. Ask questions that don’t have answers.
  84. What if you were a dog for the day?
  85. Receive the love you are being given.
  86. Notice when something has your name on it.
  87. Write hand-written letters.
  88. Picture 111 within everything.
  89. Turn blame or fault into taking responsibility.
  90. Choose to live a life without regret and full of satisfaction.
  91. What if there was a school for happiness?
  92. Discover your own weaving together of holiday traditions year after year.
  93. Know your intention when using the words weird, strange, or crazy.
  94. Spend time focused on healing and sharing your best practices with others.
  95. Compassionate Creativity is continuous.
  96. Find freedom within limitations.
  97. Let children be your teachers.
  98. What if everyone in the world had a puppet to express themselves.
  99. Recognize active decisions versus passive ones.
  100. Occupy the center of your own universe.
  101. Endow the magical and mystical.
  102. Gift Compassionate Creativity.
  103. Something that ends can still have been a success.
  104. Include everyone who wants to be involved.
  105. What if you needed three generations in the room to make any important decision?
  106. Never stop falling in love with the world.
  107. Respond to everything.
  108. Always look for ways to simplify. Essentialize.
  109. Reflect on the growth of your own Compassionate Creativity.
  110. Let humor and health go hand in hand.
  111. Start here and now…

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